About Renew

Renew formally Alternative Technology Association (ATA) is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to connect, inspire and assist people to make sustainable choices in their homes and communities. Established in 1980, the Renew provides expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions for the home to households, government and industry.

Renew has more than 6400 members across Australia walking the talk in their own homes. We have helped thousands of households save money and reduce their environmental footprint with information on energy efficiency, solar power, rainwater tanks, materials reuse and waste.

Our two magazines Sanctuary: modern green homes  and  ReNew: technology for a sustainable future have a combined readership of over 150,000 and provide practical, independent advice. Renew also organises Sustainable House Day where you see sustainability in action as you tour some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes.

Join Renew

Become a member of Renew, gain access to a large support network of knowledgeable people and receive a range of privileges to help you achieve your sustainability dreams:

  • Free Advice Service, provided by Renew’s experienced advisors, to answer all your sustainable living questions from energy efficiency, passive solar design, solar and battery installation to greywater gardening.
  • Free online library with thousands of articles on sustainable living from ReNew and Sanctuary magazines.
  • Discounts on items in the Renew webshop and on a range of sustainable products and services.
  • Quarterly issues of either or both of our magazines, ReNew and Sanctuary
  • Updates on Renew’s local, national and international projects.

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