Sunday 1st March 2020




Banyule Civic Office, 1 Flintoff Street, Greensborough
Sponsored by Banyule City Council

Renew is proud to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Banyule City Council.  Join us for a fun and informative day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable architects, designers and sustainability and energy efficiency experts.

Bookings are essential for this free event, and will be available on this page once experts are confirmed. 

Email for more information.

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COMMUNITY ENERGY SERVICE, Banyule Council Environment team

A community based energy program focused on household energy affordability and energy efficiency.

  • Energy charges and discounts
  • Government energy concessions
  • Energy saving tips
  • Energy efficiency upgrade advice
  • How to select reputable solar installers and energy efficiency product suppliers.
  • And more….

Micky Liu, Community Energy Officer, will be available throughout the session to answer your questions.


The Sustainability Experts

  • Australian Energy Foundation – Glenn Evans

    Australian Energy Foundation provides Household Energy Advice :

    Solar Power and Batteries; Draught Proofing; Insulation; Heating and Cooling; Hot Water; Windows and Lighting.


  • Baker Drofenik Architects

    Baker Drofenik Architects is a design oriented architectural practice specialising in residential architecture, and committed to producing contemporary environments through the adoption of innovative building technologies, informed building and site planning and sustainable material choices.


  • Dimase Architects

    We see each project as an opportunity to serve both the client and community interests by looking optimistically at the present and being mindful of our environmental responsibilities. Our approach is to create architecture that connects people to their environment and makes the best possible use of our resources.

    We believe good architecture is for everyone and our creative work is guided by a rigorous approach to sustainable design, building science and the creative and considered re-use of older buildings and materials. We have a particular interest in developing daylight design and low energy living within great architecture.

  • EcoMad

    Chris Johnson is a sustainability consultant, energy auditor and managing director of EcoMad. He specializes in energy efficiency for the built environment including energy audits (1000+), building plan reviews, and product supply. In addition to this, he is the co-owner of Draught Busters which specializes in the installation of energy efficiency measures including draught proofing and insulation.


  • Ecomaster – Maurice Beinat

    One of the privileges you can give yourself is to live in a comfortable home for many years ahead. Improve your home comfort by investing in thermal efficiency. Cost effectively optimising your insulation, draught-proofing air leaks, and secondary glazing your windows will go a long way in protecting your family from the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions. Go all out in boosting your thermal comfort. Your well-being and bank account will thank you later.  After all… summer is here!


  • EnviroGroup – Mick Harris

    Mick was ATA’s Managing Director for 15 years and remains heavily involved as a Technical Specialist who provides technical advise to ATA members on a wide range of sustainable technology issues including solar power,  solar hot water, energy efficient appliances, sustainable housing design, energy efficient lighting, sustainable power generation, and much more. Mick is the founder and Director of The EnviroGroup, Australia’s leading environmental products retailer and is responsible for consultancy and system design of renewable energy systems.

    Mick is an integral member of ATA’s International Project’s Group group which has installed thousands of solar power systems across East Timor.

  • Evissa

    Modular Built Architecture with SIPs + Passivhaus.

    Evissa is focused on achieving the highest levels of indoor air quality and energy efficiency through Passive House Design and by using Evissa Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) and Modular Technology.  Evissa SIPs have been created to streamline the traditional methods of building and challenge the status quo. 

    Directors, Elena Cazacu – Architect & Passive House Designer and Gareth Owens – Domestic & Commercial Builder and Passive House Certified, are both trained overseas and have a wealth of experience from large to medium scale projects.

  • Green Box Studio

    The Green Box Studio philosophy is to ‘create innovative and engaging buildings and homes, which are spatially and functionally efficient.’ Along with a design approach that prioritises sustainable, flexible, energy efficient, and healthy homes which provide a deeper connection to place and environment, this has lead to our services being sought by like-minded clients and many fulfilling collaborations. The co-founders of the collective, Narelle Edgar (Architect) and Justin Whitehead (Builder) each manage independent practices, but believe that close connection between Architect and Builder, and a shared commitment to this philosophy through the design and construction phases, will ensure a more successful and much loved finished project.


  • Greenly

    John Hassall has plenty of experience designing, planting and maintaining green roofs and walls, but can answer all of your garden design questions. John’s background in waste management sparked his interest in green roofs and walls because they typify modern society’s ability to overlook or waste valuable spaces. He has experience in both building and landscape management and the combination provides him with knowledge that is crucial for designing and managing green roofs and walls whose beauty lasts. John enjoys discussing all things environmental sustainability, particularly biodiversity, waste reduction, and urban agriculture. He enjoys sharing his own gardening experiences, both on the ground and on the roof.


  • Paul Haar Architect

    Paul Haar is an architect, registered since 1982, with a core emphasis on restorative architecture.  He specialises in materials sourced with environmental and social responsibility, and on thermal efficiency, autonomous water and energy systems.

    Paul is an industry expert on timber in architecture, with many national timber design awards.

    – Advocate for self-help housing in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (1983-1993).
    – Project architect of Mullum Creek Eco-Housing Project (2002-2019).

    – Commercial organic fruit farmer (2005-2019).
    – Originator of CERES Fair Wood (2015-2019).


  • Smart Water Shop – Gary Andrews

    Since 1988 Gary Andrews has been working with Smart Water to supply water solutions to households, businesses, sporting clubs and government organisations all over Victoria. Smart Water Corporation specialise in the design, supply and installation of water efficient irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting and recycling systems, water pumps, drought tolerant lawns and many other water efficient products and services.

    Gary is passionate about water efficiency and conducts many training sessions to students, clients, industry peers, and speaks to groups from allied industries across Melbourne. 

  • Solar Savvy – Andrew Armstrong

    Andrew Armstrong specialises in energy efficient building design and energy auditing, currently a provider of Victorian Government residential Scorecard assessments.

    SolarSavvy, specialises in providing home owners and builders with clever, holistic energy and sustainability advice. Understanding how the outside environment influences the inside of your home through all seasons is the place to begin in the search for a more thermally efficient place to live.

    Either displacing fossil fuels or just mitigating the purchase of energy is then addressed through the understanding of the different heating and cooling options, hot water and renewable energy opportunities as well as energy efficient appliances.

  • Steffen Welsch, Architect

    Steffen Welsch Architects Pty Ltd offers expertise in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Our designs celebrate light, balance and beauty, adopting an ecological approach to the building and its environment. In our work we find a balance between cost efficient, environmentally sustainable designs and implementing innovative systems and products.