Sunday 26th May 2019


2:00 - 4:00pm


Darebin City Hall, 284 Gower Street Preston
Sponsored by Darebin City Council

Renew is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Darebin City Council. Join us for a fun and informative day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable architects, designers and sustainability experts.

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Email  speed.dating@renew.org.au if you have any questions about this or other Speed Date a Sustainability Expert Events.


The Sustainability Experts

  • Baker Drofenik Architects

    Baker Drofenik Architects is a design oriented architectural practice specialising in residential architecture, and committed to producing contemporary environments through the adoption of innovative building technologies, informed building and site planning and sustainable material choices.

  • BOarch Architecture & Interiors

    BOarch is a multidisciplinary practice led by Christina Bozsan. The work is undertaken in the belief that great Design should be pursued through all scales and budgets and be developed within a highly collaborative environment with the client. Our belief is that sustainability is embedded within our work and work practices and is not an addition to it. Our aim is to use design thinking and innovation to deliver spaces and homes that will enrich and celebrate the everyday activities of its occupants

  • Cathi Colla Architects

    Creating environmentally sustainable architecture shouldn’t just be the latest trend. 

    We believe your project should be considered with the environment front of mind – sustainable design that optimises light, natural ventilation, solar energy and thermal mass – and great design that inspires you to live well.

    Beautiful design can be the result of holistic design strategies that minimise material consumption and energy use, whilst connecting you with the positive aspects and beauty of natural materials, daylight, orientation and the consideration of space itself.

  • Clean Energy Council – Michael Shaughnessy

    After receiving a Bachelor of Science Michael became despairing over the political inaction towards climate change and decided to do something about it at a grass roots level -> became an electrician -> and now works at the Clean Energy Council as a tech support part time.

    Michael is a licensed electrician and plumber who specialises in energy efficiency. He can advise you on energy efficient ways to heat and cool your home with heat pumps and split system air conditioning units in addition to information on general energy efficiency, solar installation and storage.

  • Dimase Architects

    We see each project as an opportunity to serve both the client and community interests by looking optimistically at the present and being mindful of our environmental responsibilities. Our approach is to create architecture that connects people to their environment and makes the best possible use of our resources.

    We believe good architecture is for everyone and our creative work is guided by a rigorous approach to sustainable design, building science and the creative and considered re-use of older buildings and materials. We have a particular interest in developing daylight design and low energy living with in great architecture.

  • EcoDecisions

    Graeme Ambrose is a sustainability consultant, energy auditor and managing director of EcoDecisions. He specializes in environmental and energy auditing, energy efficient building design as well as commercial and domestic LED lighting plans and solutions. Passionate about showing people how to reduce their energy bills and its effect on the hip pocket. Graeme is an accredited Energy Auditor with the Schneider Electric EcoXpert programme, one of only three in Australia under this scheme.

    He is a qualified auditor for ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems) and holds a Diploma of Sustainability, Diploma of Management as well as certificate IV in Renewable Energy, Training and Assessment and Home Sustainability Assessment .

    Graeme is also a training consultant to the H.I.A. and has written many training courses for them in subjects such as Energy Efficient Building Design and Sustainable Construction. Graeme taught Sustainability and Environmental Management Systems at Swinburne University, is one of the pilot facilitators for the SECCA Sustainable Homes Program and also teaches renewable energy in China

    In 2005 he designed a multi-award winning, energy efficient house for his property in East Gippsland.

  • Ecomaster

    One of the privileges you can give yourself is to live in a comfortable home for many years ahead. Improve your home comfort by investing in thermal efficiency. Cost effectively optimising your insulation, draught-proofing air leaks, and secondary glazing your windows will go a long way in protecting your family from the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions. Go all out in boosting your thermal comfort. Your well-being and bank account will thank you later.  After all… winter is coming!

  • EnviroGroup

    EnviroGroup has been in business for 15 years and has installed over seven thousand residential and commercial solar power and battery systems over that time.

    EnviroGroup specialises in the installation of systems such as solar power, heat pump hot water, heating /cooling, LED lighting and cutting edge technologies including the Tesla Powerwall and Reposit.  They run free seminars and events for the public on ‘solar power and batteries for beginners’

  • Fuchsia Branwhite

    Qualified & experienced in horticulture & also permaculture. Fuchsia has been working on urban permaculture ‘farm’ in Pascoe Vale at her rented house where she run tours, grows organic heritage veggies, fruit trees, raise chooks, test all sorts of sustainable ideas, sell edible flowers, compost in half a dozen different ways & a whole heap more. Fuchsia’s garden was also recently featured in the Moreland Open Gardens event. Read more about Fuchsia here

  • Future Focused Buildings

    Elizabeth is a building designer and specifier who focuses on reducing the environmental impact of residential building works. Her designs draw on the praxis of passive heating/cooling, permaculture, future-proofing, universal accessibility and pattern language. She is deeply conscious of the embodied energy in building materials, as well as their impacts on forests, landfill and waterways. Elizabeth holds an AdvDip Building Design and a Bachelor of Arts and draws on three decades of environmental and progressive social justice activism.


  • Greenly

    John Hassall has plenty of experience designing, planting and maintaining green roofs and walls, but can answer all of your garden design questions. John’s background in waste management sparked his interest in green roofs and walls because they typify modern society’s ability to overlook or waste valuable spaces. He has experience in both building and landscape management and the combination provides him with knowledge that is crucial for designing and managing green roofs and walls whose beauty lasts. John enjoys discussing all things environmental sustainability, particularly biodiversity, waste reduction, and urban agriculture. He enjoys sharing his own gardening experiences, both on the ground and on the roof.

  • Loop Interiors

    Whether you’re thinking of renovating or redecorating your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, living room, bedroom or office, Teresa can give you advice on layout, material choices as well fixtures, fittings and furniture considerations. If you’re looking for energy or water efficiency, natural or recycled materials, low toxin, locally made or design longevity she’s a great source of information. Pragmatic and resourceful, if she can’t answer you’re question she’s knows a person who can. Her passion being tiles, colour and living sustainably she’s opened her home for the last two years for  Sustainable House Day.

  • Planet Architecture

    Planet Architecture specialises in the design of new green homes, extensions and renovations, with particular attention to high functionality, passive solar design, carbon footprint, conservation and non-toxicity. Standard design rates apply and design consultations are available.

  • Positive Footprints

    Positive Footprints designs and builds homes that tread lightly on our planet. We can also provide consultation and advice for existing plans, and advice on sustainable materials and leading-edge technology. Make your Footprint Positive. Specialities: major renovations; new builds; thermal performance.

  • Renew – Michael O’Connell

    Michael O’Connell is a Renew technical specialist with a long history in public education and presentation around sustainable living topics. Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications, IT, Construction and Renewable Energy industries. He is a past president of the Renew. Michael runs a design and energy management consultancy business with a focus on sustainable development, and designed and built his own house using passive solar design principles together with solar power and integrated permaculture garden.

  • Renew – Richard Keech

    Richard Keech is an experienced engineer who works as an energy consultant and has industry experience with renewable energy and energy efficiency.  He was a lead author of BZE’s Buildings Plan and is a regular contributor to Renew magazine on matters related to sustainable building technology.  Richard lives in Essendon with his family in their zero-carbon home.

  • Small Spaces

    Kate started dabbling in gardens and design over 20 years ago, working on her own small space, a very long narrow south west courtyard.  It was such a challenge that it inspired a career change into horticulture. Kate knows small spaces inside and out, she knows how to make a garden look good and function.  Small spaces need to work hard to pack everything in, and she knows how to achieve it.

    Her designs incorporate local indigenous plants, Australian natives, and exotics.   She likes her client’s individual tastes to dictate the direction of the garden and then use the most appropriate plants and materials to achieve the end result.  Sustainable practices are threaded through the whole process, from soil preparation, use of local materials, planting, efficient irrigation, and, recycling.

  • Steffen Welsch Architects

    Steffen Welsch Architects Pty Ltd offers expertise in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Our designs celebrate light, balance and beauty, adopting an ecological approach to the building and its environment. In our work we find a balance between cost efficient, environmentally sustainable designs and implementing innovative systems and products.

  • Sustainable Homes Melbourne – Michael Burns

    Sustainable Homes Melbourne aspires to be your one stop shop for sustainable residential construction offering design, construction, consultation and more. The concept was inspired from years of overseas travel observing common practice around the world. On hand will be Michael Burns who has been in the construction industry since 2001, is a qualified carpenter and registered builder. Michael is driven to impact the construction industry in Australia while lowering the impact we are having on the environment.