Saturday 17th October 2015




Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, 1186 Pacific Hwy, Pymble NSW
Sponsored by Ku-ring-gai Council

The ATA is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Ku-ring-gai Council. Join us for a fun day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable designers and eco experts.

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The Sustainability Experts

  • Autonomous Energy

    Autonomous Energy is a leading supplier of high quality residential solar power systems installed by our own experienced installation teams. We take care to install the panels in the location and configuration that will maximise the energy output. The extra time taken to do the little things well make a big difference in the long run. Eric Allas is an experienced solar energy consultant and is passionate about thinking globally and acting locally. He can advise on system sizing, placement, battery storage and off-grid options.

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  • Ben Giles Architect

    Ben Giles Architect creates economical solutions that maximise the quality of living environments for their clients. The aim is to provide uplifting and contemporary homes and extensions to suit every budget and size of dwelling. The practice provides services from initial site inspections and sketch design, followed by council applications and construction documentation through to calling of tenders and administration of building contracts throughout construction.

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  • David Baillie Architect

    Rising energy costs and the sustainability of our planet are issues which are very closely linked and affect everyone, everywhere. Together these two issues have prompted governments, large and small businesses, and individual home owners to become more conscious of the environment we all share and the energy we all waste needlessly. With this thought in mind, our goal at David Baillie Architect is to seamlessly combine innovative design with outstanding energy efficiency to enhance lifestyle, save money and help protect our environment.

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  • Day Bukh Architects

    Day Bukh Architects are deeply interested in designing ecological and sustainable buildings for the Australian context. Our ecological concerns extend beyond reducing energy use to include social sustainability. This involves designing buildings that last by using environmentally friendly materials that withstand the harsh Australian environment, and also designing buildings that can be adapted for re-use, thus ensuring longevity.

  • Delisle Hunt Wood

    Delisle Hunt Wood is a new firm of architects, where three experienced architects have combined forces to create a fresh approach to sustainable design. We are client focused using a straight forward practical and personal approach to provide cost effective solutions that create stimulating, healthy, resource-efficient homes that are holistically conceived. We believe successful, responsible, environmental design is about making smart choices rather than costly ones. We have extensive experience in providing detailed thermal comfort analysis, even of existing homes, which can be used to inform your sustainability choices whilst building and renovating, to make sure you get the best outcome from your new design.

  • Envirotecture

    Envirotecture designs elegant and affordable homes that work well, feel good, and are culturally appropriate – and reduce their ecological cost toward zero. We have over 35 years experience in sustainable design, combining traditional and organic sustainability with proven and emerging technologies.

    Envirotecture has received numerous peer design awards, community and sustainability awards

  • Hebden Architects

    We consider the long-term use of a building during its life-cycle in order to make it truly liveable. Our design approach allows for easy adaptability in response to the changes in life of the inhabitants, creating long-term, meaningful occupation. To achieve this also requires maximising the potential of each client’s unique site, brief and budget. We design the “right fit” for the site by responding to place and optimising the connection to natural light and ventilation. In this way we address sustainability in terms of social, environmental and economic factors.

  • KRG Council – Bushfire Technical Officer

    Ku-ring-gai Council’s Bushfire Technical Officer will be on hand to provide general advice on bushfire protection measures available to retrofit homes, some of which also provide thermal comfort and energy saving benefits.

    Please note: If you are seeking advice on Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments and bushfire protection features required to satisfy a development application, it is best to speak with Council’s Duty Planner.

  • KRG Council – Duty Planner

    A duty planner from Ku-ring-gai Council will be available to advise residents what approvals potential projects may need, as well as how these approvals fit with measures required by state government planning policies.

  • Lucy Sharman

    Lucy Sharman is the former Senior Project Officer, Green Roofs and Walls at the City of Sydney. She has been a sustainability educator for many years and has turned her expertise towards specialising in green roofs and walls. Green roofs and walls not only add beauty and value to your home but they also benefit the broader community and our environment. Lucy will be able to provide you with advice on the sorts of green roof or wall designs which may suit your particular needs as well as tips for getting the most out of your green roof or wall.

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  • Marra + Yeh Architects

    Marra + Yeh Architects is a critical practice with a focus on ecological design. Architecture is the response to the uniqueness of each client and each place, revealed through a comprehensive and considered approach – with attention to detail, quality, and affordability. We engage with place, climate and client to create sustainable, crafted, delightful environments.

  • Matt Elkan + Adriano Pupilli

    Matt and Adriano share a studio and collaborate or work individually as the projects dictate. Adriano’s design practice is centred on thoughtful architecture that intuitively responds to people and place. He believes that bigger is not necessarily better, designing smarter, finely-tuned buildings from small home renovations and new homes to eco-friendly staff and tourism accommodation. Adriano’s work celebrates the natural beauty of site, renewably sourced building materials, and the rituals of his clients’ daily life. Matt specialises in small to medium sized residential projects. Sustainability is core to every project. This is expressed in siting and orientation, minimisation of site coverage, the form and scale of buildings, material selection, re-use and recycling wherever possible, and reduction in the reliance on active services. It is also expressed in creating joyful beautiful buildings. Building beautiful spaces is one of the best ways to improve sustainability by providing the motivation to preserve good buildings into the future.

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    Matt mea@idx.com.au; Adriano info@adrianopupilli.com

  • Peter Gillam

    Peter is principal engineer at a busy engineering firm and also a keen surfer and DIY greenie. Having such a connection to our local waterways, Peter has built a career around Water Sensitive Urban Design which seeks to accommodate development while protecting and improving the condition of our waterways and coastlines. Peter relishes turning his skills in sustainable stormwater management to small scale projects, and can advise you on  water sensitive garden design, raingarden design and rainwater harvesting.

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  • PIDCOCK – Architecture and Sustainability

    PIDCOCK – Architecture and Sustainability is focused on desirable, sustainable architecture. Our practice aims to excel in ecologically sustainable design, documentation and advice. We aim to demonstrate how the many issues that are integral to such architecture can be potent influences in design and can produce delightful experiences. We like to work collaboratively with our clients, consultants and builders from the start of every project to enable the outcomes to be enriched by the group’s collective experience.

  • RoofJuice

    RoofJuice is a leading supplier of residential and commercial solar technology. We specialise in “smarter solar”, utilising the latest technologies which are safer, more reliable and better integrated into homes. RoofJuice specialises in monitoring, energy storage and micro inverter technology and has a team that includes several solar industry veterans. We take the time to design and install fantastic systems with outstanding after sales support.

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  • Sustainability Now

    Sustainability Now is an energy & water efficiency and environmental management consultancy, specialising in strata but also able to advise on standard homes. Since 2009 we have worked with over 300 strata buildings to undertake energy and water audits or implement energy and water efficiency upgrades. Managing Director, Ethan Burns, is an Environmental Engineer with 10 years’ experience in the electricity generation, transmission & distribution and local government sectors prior to founding Sustainability Now. He can help homeowners with advice on energy efficient lighting and appliances, hot water systems, pool pumps, optimal sizing of PV systems, battery storage, energy tariffs and general water efficiency.

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  • Sustainable Energy and Water Services

    Founder and owner of Sustainable Energy and Water Services (SEWS), Adam Corrigan has delivered or overseen the delivery of over 5000 residential and small business energy and water assessments on behalf of State, Federal & Local Governments, energy network companies, energy retailers, and NGOs. He can advise on home energy efficiency, efficient lighting, monitoring your energy use, and understanding your energy and water bills, as well as solar hot water, solar PV systems and battery storage.

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  • Sydney Solar Electricity

    Chris Pond from Sydney Solar Electricity Pty Ltd is an experienced service provider of advanced and innovative electrical solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Our range of work to date includes small scale solar power systems to large scale schools and university installations, as well as solar sculptures, solar maintenance and battery systems. We provide full project management from start to project completion.

    Fully booked for Lane Cove 2019

  • Tony Edye & Associates

    Tony Edye and Associates’ philosophy is to work closely with our clients to achieve a comfortable, minimal footprint and a beautiful home through ecologically sustainable design. Our award winning home and office aims to be ‘off-grid’ and comprises many sustainable initiatives which inform and demonstrate our architectural design philosophy, including renewable energy, polished ‘green’ concrete floors, double glazed windows, LED lighting, FSC certified timber, and zero VOC paints and finishes. We have more than 25 years in practice perfecting a balance between passive and active design, which results in buildings which are thermally more comfortable, less resource demanding and visually stimulating whilst attending to the everyday needs of busy people.

    Fully booked for Lane Cove 2019

  • Urban GreenSpace

    Established in 2011 by Steven Willis, Urban GreenSpace set out to intimately reconnect people with the food they eat by teaching them how to grow it. Guided by permaculture principles, Urban GreenSpace aims to produce “aesthetically, aromatically, and sensually romantic”* spaces within the urban environment which inspire engagement, interaction and understanding of natural, nutrient and life cycles. We can help with waste reducing edible garden design; balconies, courtyards, front and backyards; edible garden maintenance; garden coaching; restaurant rooftop herb gardens; and workshops. Our company philosophy is “Grow food not lawns. Produce no waste – waste no produce.” [photo by Yeesum Lo] * Joel Salatin, American “beyond organic” farmer

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  • Your Abode

    At your abode we specialise in the design and construction of green, sustainable living environments. Every one of our projects is the distillation of our desire to create houses that are as sustainable as possible, whilst being truly unique, inviting and genuinely well crafted. We believe that houses and renovations should be designed and built with the maximum consideration for their environmental impact and their effect on the health of the occupants.