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Coogee Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, 20 Poore Grove, Coogee WA
Sponsored by City of Cockburn

The ATA is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with City of Cockburn. Join us for a fun evening where you will receive free personalised advice from Perth’s leading sustainable designers and eco experts.

Registrations are now closed for this free event.

The Sustainability Experts

  • Apace WA

    Ann Forma has a lifelong interest in native plants and community affairs, and a qualification in Landscape Architecture. She has worked at ApaceWA, a North Fremantle community-run native plant nursery, for the last 16 years and runs a garden design service, Apace Natural Design. Her designs have ranged from smaller residential projects and demonstration verges to larger projects in schools and revegetation in subdivisions. She uses local native plants as much as possible in the designs, and is conscious of the need to provide habitat for native species as well as an aesthetically pleasing garden.

  • Architect Gérard Siero

    Architect Gérard Siero has worked in architecture, landscape and environment since 1970. After working on Parliament House Canberra, teaching in Papua New Guinea, and freelance work in WA, Gérard began private practice in 1987. He has worked on a wide range of projects, emphasising ecological design for sustainability, economy, quality of life and delight, in thoughtful architecture integrated with landscape. Through extensive public speaking, practice, his role as Archicentre State Manager and active involvement in the Australian Institute of Architects, Gérard has earned a reputation for sustainable architecture, innovation and professional integrity.

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  • Ben Tremlett Architect

    I am a sustainable architect keen to offer homeowners examples of sustainable renovation and redevelopment with a focus on the importance of site master planning. This is by both optimising environmental parameters, and promoting economic sustainability. By retaining a part or whole of the existing amenity, not only does this result in less new works, but it also represents a saving in landfill and new raw materials. I have recently completed an owner built ‘own house’ renovation allowing me to be the architect, builder and tradesman! So I have much to share.

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  • Chindarsi Architects

    Joe Chindarsi began Chindarsi Architects in 2003. We strive for excellence through value for money, sustainable and innovative design solutions. We have experience in a wide range of projects including master-planning, urban design, single and multiple residential, small lot subdivision, and heritage conservation and conversion. The key to achieving sustainability is through an integrated approach to design thinking incorporating the ‘triple bottom line’ – environmental protection, social advancement, and economic prosperity. Through such an approach, both immediate and recurrent benefits result. These range from improvements in efficiency (and minimising the use of non-renewables) through to the creation of communities with a real and unique sense of place.

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  • Earth & Water

    In a world of decreasing garden space, living garden walls are becoming popular as way of increasing our green space. They can be indoors or out, in small courtyards, replace artwork or make a grand statement; they are versatile and irresistible. Earth & Water consult and design landscapes and water systems, including living garden walls and roof gardens. Nigel Thompson, founder of Earth & Water, has over 22 years of drip irrigation experience and is qualified in Engineering, studying modules in soil dynamics and water technologies. Nigel is in charge of major projects and works in design and consultancy for the company, and his particular interest is in green walls and roofs.

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  • Econstruct

    Geoff Britton established Econstruct in 2002, seeing the lack of environmental expertise in the WA residential housing market as a concern and an opportunity. Econstruct has now been growing for 13 years and is solely committed to solar passive design and construction. Geoff is a previous winner of the HIA WA Greensmart Professional of the Year Award (2013) and Econstruct has won multiple National and WA Greensmart Awards, including WA Home of the Year for the last three years.

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  • Elizabeth Karol

    Elizabeth is an award winning architect as well as having worked as an engineer, building surveyor and academic over the span of her career. In each of these roles she has developed an approach that recognises the importance of respecting the massive resources we use in making and using housing. She is committed to working with people to enable them to create homes that suit their needs, are beautiful to live in and use as little energy and water as possible. She can also share her experience of living in an 8.5 star house.

  • Environment House

    Environment House is a largely volunteer-run campaign centre and eco-products store set up to support the community’s efforts to live in a way that respects our environment and future generations. Long-term volunteer Alan Benn is an Electronic Engineer with a long interest in sustainability who is now giving advice to homes, schools and small businesses on reducing water and energy use. Alan has done over 300 home assessments for local councils, Synergy and private homes. As well as his involvement with Environment House, Alan runs his own energy auditing business, CHSA – Commercial and Home Sustainability Audits.

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  • eTool

    Want a zero carbon home? Want the best environmental performance without blowing the budget? Ever wondered about embodied energy of materials, and how it trades off with operational energy impacts? Should you renovate or rebuild? Want an intelligent design that factors all these things? A holistic approach to optimising environmental performance, life cycle design (LCD) will meet your needs by considering materials, construction techniques, energy use, renewable power, water use, waste water treatment, building maintenance, deconstruction, materials recycling and construction waste. Armed with eTool’s LCD software, Richard Haynes will listen to your environmental design goals and then provide you with a hit list on how you can best achieve them.

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  • Lurie Concepts

    Lurie Concepts is a Cowaramup based building design firm, backed up by owner and founder Michael Lurie’s over 15 years of experience in the building and construction industry. Lurie Concepts specialises in designing bespoke homes and additions for clients throughout the whole of Western Australia, from the southwest Margaret River region to the far northwest corners of the state. Our design focus is on creating beautifully unique dwellings to meet our clients’ needs. Our vision is guided by passive solar design principles and environmentally-friendly design solutions.

  • Patrick Irwin Architect

    Patrick established his WA architectural practice in 1990; his expertise encompasses residential, community, heritage, commercial, institutional, urban design and transport infrastructure. He values careful briefing and creative design to Vitruvian principles of soundness, economy and delight, with an emphasis on re-use and passive solar design. “Long life, Loose fit” refers to the efficiency of buildings being re-used in new ways, saving the embodied energy of materials and construction. Cradle to Cradle design is part of this concept, in a world which has realised its finity.

  • Right Homes – Gary Wright

    A rare find in the building industry, Gary Wright at Right Homes offers expertise in solar passive design and construction and in working intimately with sustainable products and suppliers. He also has urban subdivision experience. A registered builder with hands-on trade experience, Gary has a sound knowledge of building a high energy rating home while working with an affordable budget. Individual designs are the key to Right Homes’ success, with the knowledge that the design starts with the orientation and climate zone of the site. Right Homes has been awarded over 100 awards over the last 8 years, for design, sustainability, accessibility, solar passivity, customer service and quality of build.

  • Sid Thoo

    Sid Thoo RAIA is an award-winning architect, consultant and educator with a passion for designing more sustainable eco-effective buildings. He gives regular presentations and workshops on eco-effective building design, and is a NatHERS accredited assessor. Sid was recently a Clinical Professional Fellow in the School of Built Environment at Curtin University.

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  • Solar Dwellings

    Solar Dwellings’ Founder and Director, Griff Morris, has been researching and designing passive solar homes since the late 1970s. He is now a leading national authority, teaching sustainable design and home energy efficiency. Our homes are judged amongst Australia’s best because they’re intelligently designed and very well constructed. They’re highly sustainable, universally accessible and incredibly comfortable to live in. They significantly cut energy and water costs – but they don’t cost the earth. Solar Dwellings has won over 50 major housing awards.

    Fully booked for Cockburn 2018

  • Solargain

    Since launching in 2005, Solargain has become one of the largest and most respected integrated solar power and solar hot water companies in Australia, having successfully completed over 45,000 residential and commercial renewable energy installations. Paul Hart has been the driver behind obtaining Solargain’s Preferred Supplier Status with large organisations such as WA Local Government Association, Celebration Homes, the WA Water Corporation and WA Farmers Federation. Paul and his team lead Solargain’s customers through all facets of the design and installation of solar electricity and energy efficient hot water systems, helping them reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment.

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  • Sorensen Architects

    Michael Sorensen has lived and worked in Margaret River for 20 years now after an 8 year stint in Europe. It was in Germany in the 1990s that he first started his foray into sustainable architecture, and he has never lost the passion to promote this aspect of his architecture. The opportunity to design and build his own house was embraced as a chance to demonstrate not only sustainable architecture, but a sustainable way of life, and it won an Institute of Architects award for Sustainable Architecture. Michael believes that in the end, sustainable design is much more than just getting the right orientation of the building, it’s about taking a whole of site approach as well as appreciating the micro influence from without.

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  • Sunday Energy

    Sunday Energy’s Travis Hargreaves has 11 years’ experience in designing and installing solar power systems in Western Australia. Receive advice on system designs, energy production, and financial returns specific to your house design and energy use. Learn about residential energy management systems and the latest solar technologies coming to market 2018.

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  • The Forever Project

    The Forever Project aims to inspire and empower the community to live more sustainably. This currently includes a range of high profile and award winning projects such as Great Gardens, Heavenly Hectares, and the Great Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home Project. The Forever Project’s leader Chris Ferreira is a well-known personality in the sustainable agriculture, landcare and gardening world.  He has a solid background in environmental science and has emerged as a leading authority on sustainable living, agriculture, landscaping and design including regular roles on 720 ABC Radio, as a presenter on Channel 9 Greenfingers and Garden Gurus TV and as an adjunct lecturer at Murdoch University on Sustainability.

  • The Green Swing

    Has your block been rezoned for higher density? Are you thinking about (re)developing? Multi award winning developer The Green Swing has a real vision for how subdivisions and townhouse style developments can be done differently: more sustainably and with community feel. Our project, Genesis, won the 2014 HIA GreenSmart award for most sustainable townhouse/villa development and WA Home of the Year. Talk to us to learn how you can use solar passive design principles, energy efficiency and life cycle assessment in the design phase of your medium density development, and how reducing the impact of the car (driveways, parking and the like) and reducing the size of homes can result in places that encourage community feel and provide for green open spaces.

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  • The Study

    The Study is an emerging practice run by Tristan Stanley-Cary, a registered architect and accredited NatHERS assessor. We consider a project’s thermal performance from the outset and design around passive design principles. Our particular interest is in active features – parts of a project which can be adjusted to suit the season or time of day, and engage with the occupants giving them control over the performance of their home. Tristan has just designed his own ‘small footprint’ home in Spearwood – at 120m² with an 8.0 star rating, this home is expected to use less than a third of the heating and cooling energy of an average six star rated home.

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  • WaterCraft

    Use of rainwater tanks is increasing in popularity, and recent research shows an increase in property values for homes with tanks installed. A specialist with many years of experience in collection and re-use of rainwater, whether for a townhouse or a large rural property, WaterCraft has a reputation for well-designed and executed installations of all types of tank with attention to all those little details that make the difference. Gareth also advises on the use of greywater systems for garden irrigation, and as a member of the Greywater and Wastewater Industry Group is well-placed to advise on what can be achieved for a given property size.

    Be prepared to discuss your goals in terms of intended use for the water and space available for storage.

    Fully booked for Cockburn 2018