The New Joneses


Saturday 20th February 2016




City Square, cnr Swanston St and Collins St, Melbourne
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We’re slowing things down!

The ATA is happy to present Slow Date a Sustainability Expert as part of The New Joneses pop-up event in the City Square, Melbourne. Join us for one of three fun afternoons where you will receive free personalised advice from Melbourne’s leading sustainable designers and eco experts, in leisurely 30-minute sessions.

Dates: Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th and Saturday 20th February 2016, 12 midday – 2pm

The Sustainability Experts

  • ATA – Mick Harris

    Mick was ATA’s Managing Director for 15 years and remains heavily involved as a Technical Specialist who provides technical advise to ATA members on a wide range of sustainable technology issues including solar power,  solar hot water, energy efficient appliances, sustainable housing design, energy efficient lighting, sustainable power generation, and much more. Mick is the founder and Director of The EnviroGroup, Australia’s leading environmental products retailer and is responsible for consultancy and system design of renewable energy systems.

    Mick is an integral member of ATA’s International Project’s Group group which has installed thousands of solar power systems across East Timor.

    Sorry, fully booked for The New Joneses 2016

  • ATA – Tim Forcey

    Tim Forcey is an ATA volunteer who currently works casually with the Moreland Energy Foundation and has worked in the past with the University of Melbourne Energy Institute.  Based on his broad practical energy experience and research, Tim has published many papers and articles on topics ranging from reverse cycle air conditioners, to home energy management systems, to 100% renewable energy schemes. As an energy consultant, Tim has visited approximately 300 Melbourne homes. Prior to taking up his current interest in effective residential energy use, Tim trained as a chemical engineer and was employed for over 30 years with companies such as Esso and BHP Billiton.

  • Dirtsong

    Michael Tanner is a designer and horticulturalist with a passion for making sustainable gardens. With DirtSong he specialises in designing, creating and caring for gardens that leave the softest of footprints. Michael is a respected landscape design teacher and gardening presenter, guiding colleges, schools and communities towards greater understanding of the uniqueness of their soils, plants and landscapes.

    Michael understands the abiding wellbeing that edible, organic and naturally sustainable gardens bring to our lives. He sees these gardens as simply beautiful.

    “There’s a couple of things I really love; creating beautiful landscapes and cooking delicious food. Designing sustainable gardens is the perfect way for me to spend more time doing both.”

    Fully booked for Boroondara 2018

  • F2 Design

    F2 Design Principal, Tim Adams, is a building designer specialising in high performance houses which aim to combine environmental sensitivity with admirable architecture. Tim is regularly requested to make presentations to public forums on sustainable design. As BDAV president, Tim introduced the 10 Star Challenge; F2 Design was Joint Winner of the Challenge in 2012 and finalist in 2013 and 2014.  The House with No Bills, Tim’s own house, was the cover feature of Renew 120, an experience that has now flowed through to an influx of requests for off-grid houses.

    Fully booked for Wyndham 2018

  • GLOW Design Group

    GLOW Design Group specialises in energy efficient homes that are functional and beautiful. The GLOW-designed and documented “700 haus” collected good publicity and sustainability award recognition. Lead designer Tim Ellis is a registered designer with the BDAV. Good design is of utmost importance: high thermal efficiency not only helps save the environment, it saves on ongoing costs by using energy wisely.

    Fully booked for LIFE Point Cook 2017

  • Greenly

    John Hassall has plenty of experience designing, planting and maintaining green roofs and walls, but can answer all of your garden design questions. John’s background in waste management sparked his interest in green roofs and walls because they typify modern society’s ability to overlook or waste valuable spaces. He has experience in both building and landscape management and the combination provides him with knowledge that is crucial for designing and managing green roofs and walls whose beauty lasts. John enjoys discussing all things environmental sustainability, particularly biodiversity, waste reduction, and urban agriculture. He enjoys sharing his own gardening experiences, both on the ground and on the roof.

    Fully booked for Banyule 2018

  • Steffen Welsch Architects

    Steffen Welsch Architects Pty Ltd offers expertise in residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Our designs celebrate light, balance and beauty, adopting an ecological approach to the building and its environment. In our work we find a balance between cost efficient, environmentally sustainable designs and implementing innovative systems and products.

     Fully booked for Wyndham 2018

  • sustain + able consulting

    “The path to sustainability is paved with needs not wants. In housing ourselves this thinking leads to smaller, healthier, more efficient, more comfortable and more affordable homes. This is what I help my clients achieve.” – Malcolm Wilkie