Environmental Homes & Landscapes

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Derek Ashby specialises in passive solar and energy efficient houses and sustainable, edible landscapes. In his design and consultancy on new homes and renovations, Derek works with the client to create integrated urban and rural properties. Together, Derek and the client map out solutions for energy efficiency, sustainable material use, universal access, food production, and landscape design.

Derek is a HIA GreenSmart professional, with 27 years of experience in construction, design, landscaping and organic food production. He is deeply interested in Passivhaus and Permaculture principles, working with builders who are also passionate about building high quality energy efficient homes. Derek will listen and design a home or renovation to suit your needs, considering location, timeline and budget, helping to find the right builder, keeping the project on track to its sustainable values right from the first ideas until you celebrate moving in.

Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

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