Sunday 17th June 2018


1:00 - 3:00pm


Bowman Hall, 35 Campbell St Blacktown (Parking is available in the Blacktown Council car park via Campbell St Blacktown)
Sponsored by Blacktown City Council

The ATA is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Blacktown City Council. Join us for a fun and informative day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable architects, designers and sustainability experts.

Bookings are essential for this free event. Please register and select which experts you would like to date by clicking on the ‘Register Now’ button below or email if you have any queries about this event. 

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The Sustainability Experts

  • B H Homes

    We specialise in making homes more comfortable, whether we are building them, advising on alterations, carrying out planning reports such as natHERS, BASIX or Section J or testing them post construction. Brad is a trainer for Greensmart, Finance, Building Codes & Estimating & Tendering for the HIA.

    With 26 years of experience in building energy efficient homes that provide a level of comfort and lifestyle that you deserve. 

  • Dick Clarke – Envirotecture

    Dick Clarke is an Accredited Building Designer with over 35 years experience and is principal of Envirotecture.

    Dick has extensive experience in sustainable design, combining traditional and organic sustainability with proven and emerging technologies.

    Envirotecture focus exclusively on ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate buildings that are not only elegant and affordable, but that feel good. Envirotecture has received numerous peer design awards, community and sustainability awards. 


  • Divakarla & Associates

    Shaila Divakarla is the director and principal consultant of Divakarla & Associates. She is an architect with over 15 years of experience in the residential building industry. She also holds a Ph.D. in the area of sustainable architecture which gives her the advantage of combining practical experience with depth of knowledge. She is also a sustainable design consultant and teacher and has provided expert advice to builders, developers, building design professionals as well as home owners. She believes sustainable design is essentially good design that promotes wellbeing and liveability of the occupants, instils beauty and character, is benign to the environment and last but not least, is value for money. With a proven track record in championing sustainable project housing, she has been a key contributor to the multi award winning Ecoliving Display Homes at Kellyville, Sydney.

  • Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

    Investigation Officer from the Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW can review your energy bills (please bring one or two on the day). Explain the billing. Check entitlements to energy rebates and discuss energy savings in the home. In addition we can explain the Energy Made Easy Website and tariffs, time of use rates, how to compare contracts and more. We can also take complaints on the day for further investigation.

  • Ethan Burns – Sustainability Now

    Sustainability Now is an energy & water efficiency and environmental management consultancy, specialising in strata but also able to advise on standard homes. Since 2009 we have worked with over 300 strata buildings to undertake energy and water audits or implement energy and water efficiency upgrades. Managing Director, Ethan Burns, is an Environmental Engineer with 10 years’ experience in the electricity generation, transmission & distribution and local government sectors prior to founding Sustainability Now. He can help homeowners with advice on energy efficient lighting and appliances, hot water systems, pool pumps, optimal sizing of PV systems, battery storage, energy tariffs and general water efficiency.

  • Graham Hunt – Delisle Hunt Wood

    Graham has over 30 years’ experience as an architect, mostly in the area of environmentally sensitive design. He also has nearly 20 years’ experience as an accredited NatHERS assessor and has completed hundreds of thermal comfort and BASIX assessments.

    Delisle Hunt Wood is a relatively new firm of architects, where three experienced designers have combined forces to create a fresh approach to sustainable design. Working primarily on alterations, additions and new homes, they are client focused using a practical and personal approach to provide cost effective solutions that create stimulating, healthy, resource-efficient homes that are holistically conceived.

    Their projects range from the smallest urban renovations to extensive reconfigurations and additions, no matter the scale of project, we believe successful, responsible, environmental design is about making smart choices rather than costly ones. We have extensive experience in providing detailed thermal comfort analysis, even of existing homes, which can be used to inform your sustainability choices whilst building and renovating, to make sure you get the best outcome from your new design.

  • Hebden Architects

    We consider the long-term use of a building during its life-cycle in order to make it truly liveable. Our design approach allows for easy adaptability in response to the changes in life of the inhabitants, creating long-term, meaningful occupation. To achieve this also requires maximising the potential of each client’s unique site, brief and budget. We design the “right fit” for the site by responding to place and optimising the connection to natural light and ventilation. In this way we address sustainability in terms of social, environmental and economic factors.

  • Jyoti Shankar

    Jyoti conducts energy/water assessments for households; develops resources for sustainability in the built environment and  organises community education events. At home she has a biogas system that uses food waste to provide power for a gas stove. Their backyard garden has been created mainly by recycling and reusing objects. It has native plants, plants that attract pollinators, vegetables and fruits, native bee hives and native fish. Speak to Jyoti about saving energy and water costs, waste reduction and recycling.

    Jyoti speaks Hindi, Bengali and Malayalam.

    Fully booked for Blacktown 2018

  • Mark Davis Design

    Mark Davis is an Accredited Building Designer who focuses solely on Sustainable Design & Building.  His experience started 20 years ago when he began building his own sustainable home.  Subsequent study & exploration led to his career sharing this passion with others.

    Mark has won two awards for his work, holds various positions within the Building Designers Association of Australia, including the Director of Technical Development, & teaches Building Design.  His homes have been open to the public for a number of Sustainable House initiatives, to showcase the philosophies.

    Mark Davis Design’s business model is to provide a high level of service to clients & to work closely with builders from as early in the design process as possible, providing an integrated approach utilising everyone’s experience to achieve a high quality, cost effective and comfortable home than will last the ages.

  • Matt Day – Day Bukh Architects

    Matt and Day Bukh Architects are deeply interested in designing ecological and sustainable buildings for the Australian context. Their ecological concerns extend beyond reducing energy use to include social sustainability. This involves designing buildings that last by using environmentally friendly materials that withstand the harsh Australian environment, and that can be adapted for re-use and longevity.

  • Mode Homes

    Matthew has a particular interest in maximising space. As land and building costs rise, clever design can assist smaller spaces to ‘punch above their weight’ and fulfil the same functional requirements as larger, lesser considered, spaces. Growing families and the work from home phenomenon have led to a situation where clever design is a valuable tool that enables smaller houses to do more. 

    Fully booked for Blacktown 2018

  • Nevin Sweeney

    President of Permaculture Sydney West and I run workshops on organic food growing and sustainable living.

    We have been growing our own fruit, veg, herbs and eggs on our 600m2 block in western Sydney for over 35 years. We plant our own seedlings, twice a month, grown from our own or purchased open pollinated seeds and use our chook tractor to provide cultivation and fertilisation. We use stored rainwater for irrigation where we can through highly efficient but low tech irrigation techniques.

  • Reduction Revolution – Ryan McCarthy

    Reduction Revolution was established in 2010 by Ryan McCarthy, a qualified photovoltaic engineer and energy efficiency expert. 

    Ryan has completed over 1,000 energy audits of residential and commercial properties. His focus is on providing economical advice to minimise energy usage whilst maximising comfort and utility.

    Reduction Revolution is an online store providing energy efficient products from leading brands. Products include LED lighting, energy monitors, and energy efficient heating, cooling, and hot water. Order online for delivery Australia-wide.

    Fully booked for Blacktown 2018

  • ShineHub – Alex Georgiou

    ShineHub founder Alex Georgiou has helped hundreds of families become self-sufficient with new solar and battery systems for their home.  In your session, Alex will help you make a prioritised plan for solar, battery, and energy efficient solutions for your home so you know exactly what is best for you. No matter your budget you can get started on your path to energy independence today!

  • Xpert Design & Architectural Drafting

    With her Lithuanian family background steeped in building and engineering, it was natural that Sigita Kliuke chose to become an architect. Combining nine years in architecture, including interior design, with her enthusiasm to really understand sustainable design Sigita became a researcher/project manager for one of the leading world insulation companies. Sigita is now adapting her European experiences to the Australian climate. This includes her recently completed NaTHerS training as a thermal performance assessor. Sigita also has significant experience in BASIX compliance. She has a strong commitment to holistic sustainable passive solar design which incorporates all aspects of a site. Her aim is to use building design as an opportunity to deliver spaces and homes that will enrich and celebrate not just occupants, but neighbours, towns and the planet.