City of Adelaide


Wednesday 3rd March 2021


2:00PM - 4:30PM (ACDT)

Sponsored by City of Adelaide


Renew is proud to present a virtual, energy-efficiency focused “Speed Date a Sustainability Expert” event in partnership with the City of Adelaide, as part of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Program. 

This free event invites businesses in Adelaide to a fun and informative session to receive personalised advice from leading energy efficiency and sustainability experts. Sessions are 20 minutes each, and businesses can nominate dates with up to two of the experts listed below. Experts will provide one-one-one advice to businesses on practical steps and action you can take to reduce the cost of bills associated with running your business.  Click the orange tags to find out who can help with your interest area.

This event is open to businesses located in Adelaide only

As this is an online event, all participants will need access to good internet and a computer with a camera and audio. 

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The Sustainability Experts

  • Ben Lovell – Living Energy

    Ben is the Managing Director at Living Energy, a family owned and operated company in South Australian company specialising in commercial solar and battery storage systems for almost 20 years. 

    Ben has extensive experience designing energy modelling tools for renewables in the residential, commercial and small utility space, as well as delivering energy cost reduction strategies in the commercial sector.

    With the savings that solar PV solutions offer, Ben and the team at Living Energy know what an integral part this technology can play in building a dynamic cost savings and smart energy solution. Living Energy also partner with companies that are at the forefront of solar technology.

  • Dan Taylor – ZEN Energy

    Dan has over 10 years’ experience working across various areas of the energy sector. Dan joined ZEN Energy in 2016 and is ZEN’s leading expert when it comes to designing sustainable energy solutions for commercial customers. Dan will be able to advise attendees on solar and storage solutions, renewable energy from your retailer, renewable energy asset financing models and other energy services such as demand response, power factor correction and energy efficiency monitoring.

    ZEN Energy is a proudly South Australian renewable energy company founded in 2004. ZEN has installed over 30,000 energy systems across Australia and supplies retail electricity to customers such as the South Australian Government, several Foodland stores, CSIRO and SAHMRI.

    The commercial division of ZEN Energy specialises in providing flexible; customer-focused solutions that combine the world’s leading sustainable energy hardware with flexible and transparent renewable-backed electricity contracts for business and government customers.

  • Daniel Chadwick – Australian Energy Foundation (AEF)

    Daniel is passionate about people and healthy places. With a strong focus on all thing’s energy efficiency, Daniel’s experience lies in delivering energy efficiency retrofit programs at scale, to support health, mental wellbeing and our transition to zero carbon world. Daniel has strong understanding of energy efficiency and ways businesses can go about to reduce their energy bills and consumption through their operations.

    Daniel is the General Manager of Major Projects at the Australian Energy Foundation, a for purpose organisation which aims to accelerate the energy transition by empowering communities to take action.

  • Daniel Matovic – Generate Energy

    Daniel Matovic is the director at Generate Energy Pty Ltd.  Daniel has been working in the renewable energy industry for over 10 years, has 20 years experience as an A-Class Electrician and is accredited with the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for solar design/install and battery design/install. 

    Generate Energy has been installing both domestic and commercial solar energy solutions including energy storage solutions for new and exisiting customers accessing the SA Home Battery Scheme.

    Daniel can provide expert advice to help assess the right energy efficiency measures and/or solar and battery storage options for your business. 

  • George Michael – Ecovantage

    George is the General Manager of Ecovantage South Australia who work with both households and businesses to implement high-quality, energy-saving technologies to help to reduce energy consumption and minimise energy bills.

    George is passionate about working with businesses and residents across Australia in accessing cleaner energy to address the needed action on climate change as well as providing low-cost energy solutions for all.

    George can assist with advice on: 

    • accessing commercial lighting rebates under the South Australia scheme
    • accessing rebates for small (STC) or large (LGC) solar installations
    • detect savings opportunities by running an analysis of your energy usage
    • We help you meet your NABERS and mandatory CBD obligations.
  • Graham Davies – Resonant Solutions

    Graham is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Director of Resonant Solutions – a clean energy company he founded 10 years ago.

    Graham has extensive experience in energy and energy efficiency auditing and is able to work with clients to run all aspects of both small and large energy efficiency or clean energy projects, including the installation of solar, wind, micro-grid and storage projects. Through his work, Graham has helped dozens of clients to make significant savings in running costs associated with their enterprises, activity or business.

    Some of Graham’s experience includes:

    • conducted energy audits and reviews of part of SA Gov Energy Productivity Program
    • Inspection and review of numerous PV systems from 10kW to 5MW
    • Review of a 4 2MW to 5MW PV grid connected systems
  • Heather Smith – Changing Weather

    Heather is an electrical engineer and has been both an industrial energy efficiency consultant and a climate change policy maker in her career. After many years in state government, Heather has moved on to focus on community energy. She is a Churchill Fellow, recently returned from looking at the role of community energy around the world in provoking change and defining each country’s energy transition. 

    Heather can assist in providing businesses with practical energy efficiency and audit advice. More importantly she can help with fitting your short term actions into a vision for the clean energy transformation of your business which can be achieved with the help of your customers and community and in the face of significant uncertainty about the shape of Australia’s future energy systems.

  • Jonathen Hindry – Adelaide Heat Pumps

    Jonathen is the Director of Adelaide Heat Pumps, a proudly South Australian and family owned company. He promotes and delivers high quality and efficient heat pump solutions for space conditioning, hot water and pool heating, in commercial and residential settings. 

    He has a passion for renewable technologies and over 21 years of experience in the construction industry as a plumber and gas fitter.

    Adelaide Heat Pumps was started in 2017 when Jonathen made the stand to exclusively offer and provide only efficient, electrically driven solutions. Since then he has been leading and educating the movement towards sustainable, energy efficient, fossil fuel free alternatives for a smarter and healthier outcome.

    A large focus of Adelaide Heat Pumps is on utilising the most up to date heat pump technology and using Co2 as a natural refrigerant in their hot water heat pumps.

    Areas of expertise and advice include:

    • Co2 hot water heat pumps
    • High temperature heat pumps ~ 90 deg c
    • Pool heat pumps
    • Geoexchange (ground source) heat pump solutions 
  • Ken Long – dsquared Consulting

    With qualifications in Architecture, Sustainable Design and Ecologically Regenerative Design, as well as being a Green Star Accredited Professional and an Ambassador of the Living Building Challenge, Ken’s experience encompasses multiple facets of sustainable design consultancy for projects of all business types and scales. 

    Alongside his professional development, Ken is the Chairperson of the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network where he is very active in promoting and advocating for sustainable built environments within the Adelaide community and development industry, helping facilitate opportunities for people to be inspired to implement sustainable design concepts. 

    Ken’s expert advice and support for business includes design optimisation, building performance simulation, biophlic design integration, green building ratings and assessing environmental impact through life cycle analysis.

  • Matthew Martin – SolEnergy

    Matthew is a Lighting and Energy Consultant with 35 years of experience in various facets of the electrical industry.

    Matthew has a keen interest in lighting, control systems and energy efficiency and has a unique understanding of delivering successful energy efficient upgrades in existing commercial buildings. Matthew has specialised in these areas for over 20 years, specifying and implementing energy efficiency upgrades in over 500 occupied tenancies and buildings across Australia. 

    Matthew takes pride in each project evaluating, designing and delivering major energy savings and quality improvements through lighting upgrades.

  • Matthew Shorten – Trellis Technologies

    Matthew is the founder and CEO of Trellis Technologies whose purpose is to drive collaboration, governance and data driven decision making. Since launching In 2016 Trellis Software has supported a range of corporate customers to speed up their environmental and expense management journey.

    A passionate systems thinker and collaborator, Matthew is also a registered Technical Consultant with the Climate Active Program and previously a registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditor (Category 1) with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER). Matt has led and participated in teams in the development and assurance of numerous energy and greenhouse gas reporting programs across the mining, waste, construction, aviation, food and wine, tertiary education and government sectors, including several Australian firsts such as the first NCOS certified University, Charles Sturt University (CSU), the first NCOS certified wine product, “The Clare Project” by Peter Lehman Wines Limited, the first and largest Arts Festival 9Adelaide Festival) being a certified carbon neutral EVENT and Virgin Australia’s Fly Carbon Neutral Program.  

  • Merrily Hunter – Trades Services South Australia

    Merrily is the Director of Trades Services South Australia, an energy efficiency business specialising in lighting, hot water, air-conditioning and battery upgrades. Trades Services SA is one of the oldest and largest service providers operating under the SA Government’s Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) and has been providing energy efficiency upgrades since the initiative commenced in 2009.

    Prior to running Trades Services SA and founding its affiliated business, MAC Energy Efficiency Group, Merrily managed energy efficiency for AGL, one of the largest energy retailers in Australia. Merrily currently sits on the board of the Energy Efficiency Council and has been a key policy and compliance advisor to Government and industry spanning the ACT, SA and VIC energy efficiency schemes.

    Merrily is an expert in energy efficiency with over a decade of experience working across the variety of energy saving initiatives, she brings a unique perspective to the policy design, compliance auditing and training needs of all participants. In 2018, MAC’s online training portal, EEIQ, won the Best Innovation in Energy Efficiency award – providing energy efficiency training in animation and film to the trades sector.

  • Phil Edwards – Energy Focus

    Phil is an experienced energy engineer who has been involved in the energy management for over 30 years.

    In 2003, Phil established energy management consulting firm, Energyfocus, based in the Adelaide Hills to assist clients in the commercial sector to better understand, manage and reduce their energy use.  

    Phil has extensive knowledge, experience and expertise assisting businesses in a broad range of energy management and clean energy related activities and technologies, including: 

    • Development of energy and demand management strategies
    • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies & control strategies
    • Lighting technologies, control options & strategies
    • Commercial solar
    • Certified NABERS Energy & Water assessor
    • Energy reporting, bill validation and energy savings verification
  • Phil Knight – Echo Group

    With over 30 years’ background in business equipment sales, Phil has a wide variety of experience in the energy efficiency industry specialising in LED lighting, commercial solar and also residential / business retrofit programs.  

    Prior to joining Cherry Energy Solutions, Phil managed the rollout of activities of the REES scheme for a third party contractor and is now focussed on providing organisations with renewable energy solutions.

    Phil has helped various businesses and organisations across South Australia and Victoria reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions through energy efficiency. 

  • Rachel Brdanovic – Tandem Energy

    Rachel Brdanovic has owned consulting firm Tandem Energy with her husband Tom for over ten years.

    She provides solutions to clients regarding energy efficiency upgrades, solar feasibility and compliance and energy purchasing. While the business specialises in energy, she has a broad interest in all things sustainable and obtained a Masters of Sustainability in 2014. 

    As a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), Rachel collects and analyses data to assist clients to make informed decisions relating to best practice equipment upgrades and purchases. She is currently in the process of obtaining Climate Active registration, allowing her to support and certify businesses to carbon neutrality.  Rachel recognises that energy audits and equipment upgrades are only part of the journey to achieve lasting change. She therefore runs workshops designed to engage and empower people at every level of an organisation to identify and act on energy and environmental opportunities.   

    If you’re a business paying too much for energy – Rachel can help! 

  • Reuben Kelley – AFA Air Conditioning

    AFA Air Conditioning was one of the first retail air conditioning companies in Adelaide starting way back in 1982. AFA Air has since lead the air conditioning industry with high quality products and satisfied customers.

    AFA Air Conditioning strive to be at the forefront of innovative technology with recent technological developments, there is a broad range of options available for the discerning customer to customise into your own personal design.

  • Suzanne Ridding – Sustainable Business Consultants

    Suzanne is the proprietor of Sustainable Business Consultants, has been practicing sustainability for well over a decade and is widely recognised for her highly professional but practical approach, as well as her ability to deliver great outcomes for her clients.

    Suzanne is a founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide and a Registered Consultant with Climate Active assisting organisations, events, precincts and buildings to become carbon neutral.

    As an expert in sustainability strategy, carbon accounting, emissions reduction, climate risk/adaptation and responsible investment Suzanne has supported many small and large businesses to reduce emissions and save money on their bills in the process. Suzanne has also helped two of Adelaide’s three carbon neutral organisations to become certified. 

    This expert is now fully booked and there is a waiting list. 

  • Tom Brdanovic – Tandem Energy

    Tom Brdanovic has owned consulting firm Tandem Energy with his wife Rachel for over ten years. He is a CEC-accredited Solar PV designer and off-grid installer with a background in engineering and technical design. As passionate as he is about renewable energy, he knows that reducing your energy use is wiser than just making your own. Developing smarter ways to conduct business, saving energy, and increasing productivity, is Tom’s specialty.

    Tom’s background in technical production means that he not only identifies energy solutions, but follows through with design, procurement, and implementation assistance for solar, battery and energy efficiency projects. His management and organisational oversight ensures a consistent, excellent result for all clients.

    If you’re a business paying too much for energy – Tom can help!