Frankston & Mornington


Saturday 3rd June 2017


2:00 - 4:00pm


Mt Eliza Community Hall, 90-100 Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza 3930
Sponsored by Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire

The ATA is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Frankston City and Mornington Peninsula Shire. Join us for a fun and informative day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable architects, designers and sustainability experts.


The Sustainability Experts

  • Beaumont Concepts Building Design

    Ashley Beaumont the founder and Director of Beaumont Concepts has over 20 years’ experience in the building industry. Beaumont Concepts vision is to push the boundaries in providing sustainable and beautiful home designs. Our award winning design practice has been recognised for sustainable design initiatives by the HIA for National GreenSmart Home of the Year and the BDAV for Best Environmentally Sustainable Residential Design for the Ecoliv Display Home.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • Chooktopia

    Ella Boyen is a sustainability professional with expertise in energy efficiency, solar, water conservation, sustainable design and renovation, and a sustainable gardening. She runs social enterprise Chooktopia, an environmental consultancy and online store to help people travel their sustainability journey.

    Ella has been trained by Al Gore alongside Jamie Dury on all things climate change, and has a passion for helping households not only minimise their environmental impact but adapt to climate change impacts and make their homes more resilient. Active in local biodiversity conservation, as the co-founder of Langwarrin Woodlands and Northern Westernport Landcare. You will find her approachable, collaborative and a great resource who which to work through your ideas.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • EnviroGroup – Mick Harris

    EnviroGroup has been in business for 15 years and has installed over seven thousand residential and commercial solar power and battery systems over that time.

    EnviroGroup specialises in the installation of systems such as solar power, heat pump hot water, heating /cooling, LED lighting and cutting edge technologies including the Tesla Powerwall and Reposit.  They run free seminars and events for the public on ‘solar power and batteries for beginners’

    Sorry, FULLY BOOKED FOR BANYULE 2020 – Waiting List only

  • Environmental Homes & Landscapes

    Derek Ashby specialises in passive solar and energy efficient houses and sustainable, edible landscapes. In his design and consultancy on new homes and renovations, Derek works with the client to create integrated urban and rural properties. Together, Derek and the client map out solutions for energy efficiency, sustainable material use, universal access, food production, and landscape design.

    Derek is a HIA GreenSmart professional, with 27 years of experience in construction, design, landscaping and organic food production. He is deeply interested in Passivhaus and Permaculture principles, working with builders who are also passionate about building high quality energy efficient homes. Derek will listen and design a home or renovation to suit your needs, considering location, timeline and budget, helping to find the right builder, keeping the project on track to its sustainable values right from the first ideas until you celebrate moving in.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • Field Design Studio

    Field Design Studio was born out of the belief that sustainable architecture can and should be beautiful. That energy efficient houses are not only smart and functional but also bright and comfortable. FDS specialise in the design of sustainable homes and renovations. We see every project as an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the betterment of the environment and the owners’ lifestyle. We like to work closely with our clients and Builders to ensure the best outcome.

  • Frankston City Council – Environmental Planner

    Nathalie Nunn is the Environmental Planner in the Planning and Environment Department at Frankston City Council.

    Nathalie completed a degree in Conservation Ecology and has a certificate in Landscape Design, she has worked in the Environment and Planning department in Local Government for 15 years.    During this time Nathalie has administered the Tree Protection local Law, reviewed the impacts on native vegetation and trees in planning applications, assessed landscape plans and worked on various biodiversity protection projects such as the recently adopted Urban Forest Policy.  Outside of work Nathalie has pursued an interest in Permaculture completing two Permaculture Design Certificates.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • Green Design Solutions

    Green Design Solutions focuses on bringing together Sustainable and Livable Design Solutions for clients and for all stages of life. Janine has extensive experience in environmental housing and sustainable building technology and compliments this with a passion for healthy, smaller homes. She holds a Masters in Environment and Planning and a Degree in Environmental Management, teaches Thermally Efficient Housing at RMIT and is a Livable Housing Assessor. Janine is the author of the eBook ‘Creating a Home for Life’

  • Greenhouse Electrical Services

    Ryan is a solar designer and installer, Electrician and Mechatronic Engineer with a keen interest in providing well-designed sustainable solar solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of his customers, whilst staying relevant for future expansions and “smart grid” developments. As a strong supporter of environmental conservation, Ryan started Greenhouse Electrical Services in an effort to create a social enterprise that gives back to the environment whilst providing an environmentally friendly service to clients. Ryan can provide you with extensive advice about solar, storage, and electrically efficient homes.

  • Mornington Peninsula Shire Council – Planning Services

    David Bergin is the Executive Manager of the Planning Services Unit at the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council.

    David is a qualified urban and regional planner with over 20 years of statutory and strategic planning experience in both local and state governments, and the private sector. David has extensive experience in local government roles in both country and metropolitan Victoria, having worked at the municipalities of Swan Hill, Booroondara and Mitchell. David also worked for two years in the United Kingdom for two local council’s and was involved in a range of heritage related developments at both Winchester and Tendering Councils.

    Prior to coming to the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, David held the position of Southern Metropolitan Planning Manager for the Victorian State Government.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • Niree Bingham Landscape Architect, Mantle Studios

    “Niree Bingham, Director of Mantle Studios, is a passionate designer with current projects in private residential, nature based play spaces, public space strategy and technical design for Water Sensitive Urban Design projects. With shrinking property sizes and increasing expectation for outdoor spaces, well considered landscape and garden design can greatly increase the sustainable functioning of developments and should be considered in the beginning of project planning. Mantle Studios aims to develop all projects with underlying sustainability principals, from high impact residential developments, public space or a simple planning application.  Niree’s experience includes time with one of Australia’s most renowned design practices, Environmental and Planning advisory committees’ to council, Management Committee to a developing Community Environmental Center in the Yarra Ranges and her own practice.  She is also a passionate gardener, mother and food producer.”

  • North South Homes

    Wade Bashaw is a Registered Building Practitioner with a passion for outdoor lifestyle and making sure the homes he builds are well designed, well insulated and, above all, comfortable.

    Wade is inspired by the environment and believes he has a responsibility to build homes that incorporate sustainable design aspects and building practices . Wade brings a wealth of knowledge from his Canadian background in building that he is always eager to share. With an enthusiastic attitude towards continuing professional development, Wade endeavours to bring cutting edge techniques and products to the design discussions of all building projects.

    Fully booked for Frankston and Mornington 2017

  • Ozone Design

    Simon Tiller is a registered Architect who regularly carries out short reports for a range of building challenges. Our experience in small practice over fifteen years has included reporting for the federal government home sustainability program and training others in that role. We bring sustainability as the bedrock of thinking for renovation advice, property purchase and simple  enhancements to landscape and building elements during maintenance, improvement and adaptation of houses during change. Thousands of reports delivered over sixteen years form a backdrop of meeting realistic needs and wants in assessing potential of housing for their owners.

    We offer clear step by step advice and assessment for individuals matching their goals with the real potential of their home, work place or potential new venture.

  • Renew – Michael O’Connell

    Michael O’Connell is a Renew technical specialist with a long history in public education and presentation around sustainable living topics.

    Michael has over 25 years’ experience in the Telecommunications, IT, Construction and Renewable Energy industries. He is a past president of the Renew and runs a design and energy management consultancy business with a focus on sustainable development.

    Michael designed and built his own house using passive solar design principles together with solar power and integrated permaculture garden.

    Dates with this expert are fully booked for this event. 

  • renew/ATA – Keiran Price

    Keiran is an energy analyst with the ATA who has worked on numerous projects assessing the benefits of solar installations for residences, businesses and local governments. He has recently worked with MEFL’s Positive Charge providing a technical assessment of commercial solar suppliers, is currently working with community groups in Gippsland and Wodonga to establish community energy programs, and is also leading an ATA research project investigating household fuel costs. Prior to joining the ATA, Keiran lived in London and worked at the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem), the UK Energy Market Regulator, where he was involved in the development and administration of a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency schemes.