Saturday 22nd October 2016




Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, 1186 Pacific Hwy, Pymble NSW
Sponsored by Ku-ring-gai Council

The ATA is happy to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Ku-ring-gai Council. Join us for a fun day where you will receive free personalised advice from leading sustainable designers and eco experts.

Bookings are essential for this free event. 

The Sustainability Experts

  • Andrew Rogers – Grenum

    Andrew Rogers is a Civil Engineer by training who has spent most of his career following entrepreneurial pursuits in technology. In the course of retrofitting homes for energy efficiency he found a wealth of theoretical advice but a lack of practical and specific product guidance. Grenum.com was created to help bridge this gap. More recently Andrew has been working full time with improving the energy efficiency of swimming pools. He can provide you with practical and impartial guidance on products to use for improving the sustainability of your home or apartment covering insulation, window treatments, solar PV, rainwater, lighting, energy monitoring and water heating.

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  • Autonomous Energy

    Autonomous Energy is a leading supplier of high quality residential solar power systems installed by our own experienced installation teams. We take care to install the panels in the location and configuration that will maximise the energy output. The extra time taken to do the little things well make a big difference in the long run. Eric Allas is an experienced solar energy consultant and is passionate about thinking globally and acting locally. He can advise on system sizing, placement, battery storage and off-grid options.

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  • BSE Consulting

    Interested in strawbale, rammed earth, mudbrick? BSE Consulting is an engineering consultancy firm specialising in the structural design of bespoke houses that employ these alternative construction methods. BSE Consulting is strongly driven by a philosophy based on sustainability, availability and cost effectiveness. Michael Brady is a Charted Professional Civil and Environmental Engineer as well as having completed a Master Degree of Building Surveying. He leads a small design team whose breadth of skill provides an invaluable resource to those wanting to build a dwelling that is avant-garde. If you would like to know what earth building technique is best suited to your on-site soil, bring in a sample and have the team check it out.

  • Chris – Sydney Solar Electricity

    Chris Pond from Sydney Solar Electricity Pty Ltd is an experienced service provider of advanced and innovative electrical solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial installations. Their range of work includes small scale solar power systems to large scale schools and university installations, as well as solar sculptures, solar maintenance and battery systems.

    Sydney Solar Electricity provide full project management from start to project completion. From auditing and assessing energy needs and roof space, to understanding the goals associated with having solar and the level of offsets required, Chris and the team will work with clients to customise a solar system that meets their individual needs. 

  • David Baillie Architect

    Rising energy costs and the sustainability of our planet are issues which are very closely linked and affect everyone, everywhere. Together these two issues have prompted governments, large and small businesses, and individual home owners to become more conscious of the environment we all share and the energy we all waste needlessly. With this thought in mind, our goal at David Baillie Architect is to seamlessly combine innovative design with outstanding energy efficiency to enhance lifestyle, save money and help protect our environment.

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  • Ethan Burns – Sustainability Now

    Sustainability Now is an energy & water efficiency and environmental management consultancy, specialising in strata but also able to advise on standard homes. Since 2009 we have worked with over 300 strata buildings to undertake energy and water audits or implement energy and water efficiency upgrades. Managing Director, Ethan Burns, is an Environmental Engineer with 10 years’ experience in the electricity generation, transmission & distribution and local government sectors prior to founding Sustainability Now. He can help homeowners with advice on energy efficient lighting and appliances, hot water systems, pool pumps, optimal sizing of PV systems, battery storage, energy tariffs and general water efficiency.

  • Gavin Gilchrist – Gav’s House and Garden

    Gav’s House and Garden is an inner-city home handyman service with a difference. Proprietor Gavin Gilchrist does all the usual handyman services  – household clean-up, gardening, painting, minor carpentry and fixing stuff – but he also brings 20 years’ experience in clean energy so he can also give you advice on LED lighting, hot water, insulation and solar PV. He can give you advice on going green, then help make it happen.

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  • Graham Hunt – Delisle Hunt Wood

    Graham has over 30 years’ experience as an architect, mostly in the area of environmentally sensitive design. He also has nearly 20 years’ experience as an accredited NatHERS assessor and has completed hundreds of thermal comfort and BASIX assessments.

    Delisle Hunt Wood is a relatively new firm of architects, where three experienced designers have combined forces to create a fresh approach to sustainable design. Working primarily on alterations, additions and new homes, they are client focused using a practical and personal approach to provide cost effective solutions that create stimulating, healthy, resource-efficient homes that are holistically conceived.

    Their projects range from the smallest urban renovations to extensive reconfigurations and additions, no matter the scale of project, we believe successful, responsible, environmental design is about making smart choices rather than costly ones. We have extensive experience in providing detailed thermal comfort analysis, even of existing homes, which can be used to inform your sustainability choices whilst building and renovating, to make sure you get the best outcome from your new design.

  • Growing Well Eco Gardens

    Horticulturalist and designer David Stenford has been in the landscape industry for over 20 years and has achieved high quality results on small space projects to high-end commercial work. David can guide a garden plan from the initial design and concept development to construction with a top quality finish. David provides a broad landscape service in residential jobs, commercial projects and supports locally manufactured “soil based” green wall systems. He can answer your questions on sustainable garden design, vertical gardens/green walls and and all garden and landscape projects.

  • Hebden Architects

    We consider the long-term use of a building during its life-cycle in order to make it truly liveable. Our design approach allows for easy adaptability in response to the changes in life of the inhabitants, creating long-term, meaningful occupation. To achieve this also requires maximising the potential of each client’s unique site, brief and budget. We design the “right fit” for the site by responding to place and optimising the connection to natural light and ventilation. In this way we address sustainability in terms of social, environmental and economic factors.

  • Ian Sercombe Architect

    At Ian Sercombe Architect our aim is to create buildings of a contemporary style that respond to their site and environment. We blend our design skills with an extensive and hands on knowledge of sustainability in all our projects, including new homes and alterations and additions. We understand that a building affects the quality of life of its users on conscious and subconscious levels, contributing to the health, creativity and well-being of the occupants.

  • Linda Lesslie Architect

    Specialising in residential alterations and additions and new homes, Linda Lesslie Architect’s solutions are driven first and foremost by passive solar design techniques. The starting point is always orientation and efficient streamlined design. Extravagant opulence is left behind here. Natural conditioning is expected to be achieved in every project through correct orientation, spacial arrangement, placement of windows, insulation, glazing, ventilation and choice of materials and colours. The less we rely on artificial heating, cooling and lighting the more sustainably we live. These features and a close connection with nature will create a joyful home that nourishes
    your soul and allows you to feel and function well in it.

  • Matt – Matt Elkan Architect

    Matt Elkan specialises in small to medium sized residential projects.

    Sustainability is core to every project and this is expressed in siting and orientation, minimisation of site coverage, the form and scale of buildings, material selection, re-use and recycling wherever possible, and reduction in the reliance on active services. It is also expressed in creating joyful beautiful buildings.

    Building beautiful spaces is one of the best ways to improve sustainability by providing the motivation to preserve good buildings into the future.

  • Matt Day – Day Bukh Architects

    Matt and Day Bukh Architects are deeply interested in designing ecological and sustainable buildings for the Australian context. Their ecological concerns extend beyond reducing energy use to include social sustainability. This involves designing buildings that last by using environmentally friendly materials that withstand the harsh Australian environment, and that can be adapted for re-use and longevity.

  • Newmark Constructions

    Mark Newman has developed specialist knowledge in the heavily regulated and vastly misunderstood area of construction in bushfire zones. His knowledge assists home owners and architects alike to make educated, cost effective decisions, by bridging the gap between the design brief, budget, products, regulations, and building process. In addition to understanding the challenges of bushfire zones, he also understands the often overlooked benefits, including sustainability. His expertise has the highest impact during the design phase. He leaves people feeling empowered with choices and comfortable to make decisions suited to them, creating beautiful homes people love. His company, Newmark Constructions, has had at least one bushfire project under construction for the past six years.

  • Off-Grid Energy Australia

    Off-Grid Energy is Australia’s trusted provider of battery storage systems for both grid connected and off grid applications. We pride ourselves on lasting customer service, sustainable business practices, expert knowledge, quality workmanship, and cutting edge technology. Our head technician has been designing battery storage systems since 2002, and our core team started together in 2007. Off-Grid Energy is a Tesla Authorised Reseller and Certified Installer, a member of CEC, ATA, Energy Storage Council, and Alliance for Rural Electrification. Damien Griffith has been living off grid for 7 years, and has been working in the renewable energy industry for the same time period. Damien is a highly skilled project manager, and was the driving force behind the development of the Huntlee off-grid town in the Hunter Valley.

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  • Urban GreenSpace

    Established in 2011 by Steven Willis, Urban GreenSpace set out to intimately reconnect people with the food they eat by teaching them how to grow it. Guided by permaculture principles, Urban GreenSpace aims to produce “aesthetically, aromatically, and sensually romantic”* spaces within the urban environment which inspire engagement, interaction and understanding of natural, nutrient and life cycles. We can help with waste reducing edible garden design; balconies, courtyards, front and backyards; edible garden maintenance; garden coaching; restaurant rooftop herb gardens; and workshops. Our company philosophy is “Grow food not lawns. Produce no waste – waste no produce.” [photo by Yeesum Lo] * Joel Salatin, American “beyond organic” farmer

    Sorry, fully booked for Ku-ring-gai 2016