Saturday 22nd February 2014




Drill Hall, 26 Therry St, Melbourne (opposite Queen Victoria market)
Sponsored by The City of Melbourne and Positive Change

The ATA presented Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with the City of Melbourne and Positive Charge as part of the Sustainable Living Festival 2014.

The Sustainability Experts

  • Australian Glass and Glazing Association

    Prior to joining AGGA, Warren Overton worked in the area of building sustainability for over 15 years, working on a wide range of residential, commercial and institutional buildings. Warren has developed building sustainability strategies, undertaken assessments against numerous sustainability rating tools and delivered countless training sessions and presentations. Warren has a strong interest and experience in the human wellbeing aspects of buildings, in particular the role of glazing.

  • Brave new eco

    Brave new eco provides sustainable design and consulting services for domestic building, renovating, retrofitting and decorating projects. Principal Megan Norgate is an interior designer, permaculture designer and sustainable design consultant. Megan is passionate about eradicating the use of toxic materials in the home, and creating environments that function ergonomically whilst promoting health, happiness and sustainable lifestyles.

  • Coolthinc Living Architecture

    Coolthinc is a living architecture design construction company directed by Phil Edwards.  Phil’s mission is quite simple, to help his customers realise the value of a green roof or vertical gardens in their homes.  Coolthinc operates on the principles that Living Architecture increases the value of any property significantly, enhances community outcomes and tackles climate change adaptation.

    Coolthinc services include design and construction of green roof and vertical garden features for high value redevelopment of urban properties. 

  • Danielle King – Green Moves

    Danielle is a sustainability consultant, assessor and educator in the field.  She has over 12 years’ experience with assessing residential and small commercial energy efficiency and is highly skilled at building plan reviews and advice to maximise comfort and energy efficiency, and identifying practical and cost effective solutions to problem areas.  

    Danielle is the founder and Director of Green Moves which is a certified B Corporation.  Her qualifications include Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessment, Diploma in Sustainability and carbon accounting and Cert IV in Training and Assessment.  She is an Accredited Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessor, active consultant and educator and is passionate about taking a practical and holistic approach.

  • Edible Eden Design

    Karen Sutherland is a horticulturalist with over 25 years’ experience working as a sustainable designer and landscaper. She has specialised in edible gardening for the last five years, after a lifetime of growing her own food. Her edible home garden has been featured on TV and in various publications and is part of Open Gardens Australia in March 2014. She works designing and teaching about edible and sustainable gardening.

  • GLOW Design Group

    GLOW Design Group specialises in energy efficient homes that are functional and beautiful. The GLOW-designed and documented “700 haus” collected good publicity and sustainability award recognition. Lead designer Tim Ellis is a registered designer with the BDAV. Good design is of utmost importance: high thermal efficiency not only helps save the environment, it saves on ongoing costs by using energy wisely.

    Fully booked for LIFE Point Cook 2017

  • Green Makeover

    Green Makeover’s Stuart McQuire is the author of two books on water, including the ATA’s book “Water not down the drain: A guide to using rainwater and greywater at home”. He is an environmental scientist and a past president of the Alternative Technology Association.

    Green Makeover is fully booked for Melbourne 2015

  • Green Sheep Collective and Filter ESD

    Environmentally conscious, ethical, and community minded, Green Sheep Collective is an architecture firm that brings sustainable design expertise, flexibility, and fun to the design and construction of your building. Filter ESD offers tailored sustainability consultancy services to help clients achieve more comfortable, efficient and low environmental impact buildings.

  • Healthy Interiors by Relish Designs

    Melissa Wittig is the director of Healthy Interiors and Relish Designs, principal interior designer and author of “The Healthy Home App”. Relish Designs is a design service offered by online resource hub Healthy Interiors, assisting clients to create spaces that incorporate beauty, functionality, sustainability and health principles. A project focus on health prioritises quality of life and longevity for an overall project outcome of healthy, happy families.

  • Maxa Design

    The Maxa Design team design stunning, stylish buildings that are beautiful to live in, replete with character and personality. Your design brief, budget and lifestyle form the basis of our concepts and we strive to keep your dream alive throughout the design process. Maxa Design are passionate about designing innovative, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable homes.

  • NOWarchitecture

    NOWarchitecture are lateral-thinkers; we achieve industry leading results through our holistic design approach emphasising integration of passive thermal and low energy systems to achieve cost efficient construction and low operational costs. We respond to the client’s needs, desires and expectations to create buildings that fulfill their vision to achieve aesthetic, environmental and functional outcomes within budget.

  • Richard Keech

    Richard Keech is an experienced engineer with commercial experience in rating, modelling assessment and certification of high-performance hot water systems. He was a lead author on the Zero Carbon Australia Buildings Plan released in 2013. He is a regular contributor to ATA’s ReNew magazine, and his own hybrid, high-performance hot water system was featured in ReNew issue 115.

  • Steffen – Steffen Welsch Architects

    Steffen Welsch Architects offer expertise in residential, commercial and institutional buildings and their designs celebrate light, balance and beauty.

    Adopting an ecological approach to the building and its environment, Steffen Welsch Architects work hard to find the right balance between cost efficiency, environmentally sustainable design and implementing innovative systems and products.

    Dates with this expert are now fully booked for this event. 

  • Urban Digestor

    Imm has over 9 years’ experience in the building industry both locally and overseas. Her skills are multifaceted; she is one of a handful of certified PassivHaus designers in Australia and has exceptional graphical and environmental modelling skills. Consequently, she brings a grounded and research based approach to projects to ensure ESD is easily communicated and achieved. Assimilating her passion for ecological construction and interest in health, Imm brings an evidence based design approach to creating healthy buildings that support and promote user health.