Sunday 18th October 2020


2:00 - 4:30PM

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Sponsored by Clean Energy Nillumbik and the Nillumbik Shire Council

Renew is proud to present Speed Date a Sustainability Expert in partnership with Clean Energy Nillumbik and the Nillumbik Shire Council.


For more information:  email plus watch a Speed Date a Sustainability Expert event in action in this short video.

The Sustainability Experts

  • 3ARK – Ratko Mrkogaca

    Due to popular demand – Expert Just Added!

    Ratko Mrkogaca became interested in improving the often overlooked aspects of improving the comfort and energy efficiency – especially the “airtightness” of buildings after years of seeing many poor construction practices and habits by occupants that resulted in uncomfortable homes and inefficient buildings.  

    Now with 3ARK, Ratko works assessing building performance and advising designers, builders and occupants on quantifying and identifying improvements to airtightness – a fundamental means to improving the performance of buildings.  

  • Andrew Rosier – EcoCraft

    The Ecocraft team bring a wealth of experience in carpentry and building and a passion for ecologically responsible craftsmanship. We have sourced quality products and refined our techniques to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

    Ecocraft specialise in home renovations including full thermal shell upgrades + bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations. We also specialise in outdoor timber structures including decks, pergolas and shading systems.

    Our Company Director Andrew Rosier is a Registered Building Practitioner and a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria.

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  • Anthony Williams – Eko Energy

    Anthony is a solar and battery power consultant, who is a passionate advocate for renewable technology and environmental footprint.

    He understands your residential energy journey, able to guide you through network tariffs and post solar billing. Anthony has an excellent knowledge of network metering and network solar requirements.

    His previous experience was with Pacific Hydro (Tango Energy) doing metering reconfigurations for solar customers coming into the market and retailing electricity. He can help residential customers with Vic Energy Compare.

    Anthony is experienced at customer service and can simply break down any of the mysteries or confusion around solar and how to make solar energy work smarter with you and your home.

  • Ash Mogensen – 3ARK

    As a co-founder of 3ARK in 2015, Ash specialises in airtightness of buildings, thermography (infrared imaging) and performing home energy assessments using the Victorian Government Residential Efficiency Scorecard. After completing a Scorecard assessment, we are able to model planned improvements. I’ve made many holes in buildings over a career that started as an Electrical Mechanic at Shell Refinery, then Telecom / Telstra, followed by HVAC installation work. I became interested in the energy efficiency of buildings – specifically in the “Airtightness” of buildings – and now work at assessing buildings, and quantifying and identifying the “unwanted holes” as a fundamental means to improving their performance.

  • Bryce Gaton – Melbourne University

    Bryce has been building, driving and writing about Electric Vehicles (EVs) since 2008 and is well-positioned to answer any questions related to EV technology. 

    Bryce is currently the secretary of the Victorian branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA), chair of the Victorian AEVA sub-committee for EV Charging Support and editor of EV News. (The national newsletter of the AEVA).

    He regularly writes on EV topics for TheDriven website and Renew magazine and on behalf of the AEVA presents on EV issues and opportunities to government, business and community groups. 

  • Burkhard Hansen – CarbonLite

    Burkhard Hansen gained professional Passive House experience as a master craftsman in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom & New Zealand before migrating to Melbourne in 2011.  After almost two decades he is arguably Australia’s most experienced in Passive House construction and precision prefabrication.

    Burkhard founded CarbonLite in 2013, a company specialising in ultra efficient prefabricated construction and guaranteeing Passive House performance through Passive Haus Institut certified component, PanelLite. Burkhard is a licenced Master Builder and Certified Passive House Tradesperson; as well as an accredited blower door tester.

    Burkhard is highly regarded by the Australian building industry and keen to pass on his knowledge of energy efficient construction.   As an accredited Passiv Haus Institut trainer, he currently teaches the Passive House Tradesperson Course at Box Hill Institute and was integral in developing the Diploma of Project Management for Prefabricated Building Systems.

    See Burkhard’s builds – Carbonlite Home or Eltham Treehouse – on Sustainable House Day, presented by Renew.

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  • Cathi Colla Architects

    Creating environmentally sustainable architecture isn’t just the latest trend.  Your new home should be designed with our environment front of mind – think big picture while having a small impact.  

    What this means for you is feel-good design, with lower energy costs, improved liveability of spaces and a smaller environmental impact of the energy-intensive construction process.

    Cathi has been a registered architect since 1996. She was taught passive thermal design principles at university and this is primary to her design philosophy. Cathi has extensive experience across a multitude of projects types, scales and locations, ranging from individual home design, through to multi-residential and large scale public projects in Victoria, NSW, the Netherlands and USA. 

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  • Chris Johnson – EcoMad

    Chris Johnson is a sustainability consultant, energy auditor and managing director of EcoMad. He specializes in energy efficiency for the built environment including energy audits (1000+), building plan reviews, and product supply. In addition to this, he is the co-owner of Draught Busters which specializes in the installation of energy efficiency measures including draught proofing and insulation.


  • Craig Byatt Architecture

    Based in Nillumbik Shire, Craig specialises in designing environmentally sensitive and energy efficient homes. He is passionate about working with permaculture principles and natural and reclaimed building materials.

    With 22 years architectural experience on over 200 projects around Australia, Craig has developed transparent and practical methods to help clients manage budgets, navigate planning requirements and find trusted builders and tradespeople.

    Having also designed and built his own off-grid family home, Craig knows how important the right advice, information and local connections are in creating a home you love.

    Visit one of Craig’s designs at Sustainable House Day on Sunday 20 September, brought to you by Renew.

  • Danielle King – Green Moves

    Danielle is a sustainability consultant, assessor and educator in the field.  She has over 12 years’ experience with assessing residential and small commercial energy efficiency and is highly skilled at building plan reviews and advice to maximise comfort and energy efficiency, and identifying practical and cost effective solutions to problem areas.  

    Danielle is the founder and Director of Green Moves which is a certified B Corporation.  Her qualifications include Cert IV in Home Sustainability Assessment, Diploma in Sustainability and carbon accounting and Cert IV in Training and Assessment.  She is an Accredited Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard Assessor, active consultant and educator and is passionate about taking a practical and holistic approach.

  • Elizabeth Wheeler – Future Focused Buildings

    Elizabeth is a building designer and specifier who focuses on reducing the environmental impact of residential building works. Her designs draw on the praxis of passive heating/cooling, permaculture, future-proofing, universal accessibility and pattern language. She is deeply conscious of the embodied energy in building materials, as well as their impacts on forests, landfill and waterways. Elizabeth holds an AdvDip Building Design and a Bachelor of Arts and draws on three decades of environmental and progressive social justice activism.


  • Helen Gibson – United Solar Energy

    Due to popular demand – Expert Just Added!

    Helen is a Product Specialist with United Solar Energy, Hallam.

    Helen’s been helping residents in Victoria for several years to navigate the information, choices, applications, loans and regulations – required to install home-Solar PV. She is a good listener and strives to make complex information easier to understand.

    Helen’s background as a Geologist and Sustainability Consultant in her own right ( has led her own passionate pathway in understanding the issues surrounding a range of new renewable energy enabling technologies. Helen has an MSc (Science) & is a Climate Reality Leader.


  • Lucinda Flynn – Going Green Solutions

    Lucinda is passionate about sustainability in every aspect of her life. As well as co-founding the Eco-lifestyle shop Going Green Solutions more than 10 years ago, she is a fully trained Energy Assessor with a Cert IV in Home Energy Assessing from Swinburne, and an accredited Victorian Residential Energy Scorecard (VRES) Assessor. VRES assessments give homes energy efficiency star ratings. She has presented on a wide range of sustainability topics, from being a Workshop Leader for the Dept of Small Business and Innovation small business program, to teaching children about sustainability at Edendale Environment Farm. Lucinda is particularly interested in educating people about the many simple, low cost ways they can reduce their energy use and bills in the home. Further interests cover green purchasing (for schools or organisations), waste management, permaculture, living a more sustainable lifestyle, and she has a huge amount of knowledge about eco-friendly product alternatives on the market today.

  • Maurice Beinat – EcoMaster

    Maurice Beinat is a well known energy and thermal efficiency expert who has worked in the space for over a decade, retrofitting thousands of homes and public buildings. 

    If your home is too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and has huge energy bills, ecoMaster can fix that, permanently and without structural change to your home.

    Maurice Beinat co-founded ecoMaster to help reduce the environmental impact of existing homes and help people to achieve affordable and low carbon living that protects people from extreme weather and is comfortable all year round. 

    Using his own 1.5 star home as a test case, Maurice has developed and applied technologies to reduce his home’s energy consumption by a massive 84% in a very affordable manner. That home is now rated at 7.6 stars, is carbon neutral and pays the family to live there.

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  • Michael Stewart – Yarra Solar & Electrical Services

    Michael Stewart is a local to North Warrandyte, servicing Nillumbik, Manningham and surrounding areas.  

    Yarra Solar takes the pain away from householders making the move to solar.  They analyse your bill in-depth, discuss your future energy needs, assess how much solar your roof can hold, and evaluate what is the best sized system for you. All you need to do is give us a recent electricity bill and then we discuss with you your purchasing preferences to help you arrive at your optimal solution.

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  • MVH Constructions – Mark van Haandel

    MVH Constructions is a certified Passive House building company local to Nillumbik Shire.  Founder Mark van Haandel is passionate about building homes that not only look fantastic but also perform equally as well.  Mark believes the Passive House standard of building is a solution that provides not only a home that is energy efficient, but also a home that is a healthy environment for its occupants. From air quality, through to low emissions and sustainability, they are all key benefits that a Passive House is able to provide, and the logical way to build.

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  • Rob Catchlove – Wave Consulting

    Wave Consulting is an innovative consultancy focused on tackling climate change through smarter water and energy systems. Our unique approach is directed toward creating sustainable, liveable cities. Rob Catchlove, Director of Wave Consulting, is an environmental scientist with 18 years’ experience in the water sector.  His unique skill set includes science, engineering, social science and community engagement.  Rob works on small scale projects (BESS / sustainable assessment for town planning), community solar, local government water projects, and design of residential / commercial water systems.

    We are able to advise residents on :   Water efficiency; Rainwater tanks; Greywater systems; Stormwater; Green roofs; ESD assessments; Photovoltaic and battery; Community solar and microgrids; All electric homes.  

  • Sarah Hardgrove – Wildgrove Horticulture

    Sarah is a horticulturalist and landscape designer with experience in ground level gardens, green roofs and walls. Passionate about sustainable gardening, urban agriculture, urban greening and enhancing biodiversity, she loves sharing her knowledge to encourage more people to connect with plants and nature. Sarah works as horticulturalist at Bulleen Art & Garden, and runs her own consulting, design and maintenance business, Wildgrove Horticulture. She conducts regular workshops for councils and in schools on a variety of gardening and environment related topics.

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  • Simone Schenkel – Gruen Eco Design

    Gruen Eco Design are passionate about sustainable design, believing that it is something that can and must be affordable for everyone. For Gruen Eco Design it’s important that sustainability is integrated naturally throughout the whole design process, rather than designing something and trying to make it sustainable later. 

    Simone Schenkel is a Certified Passive House Designer, and owner at Gruen Eco Design. Thanks to her architectural studies in Germany, an essential part of her education was based on sustainability as well as passive house design.

    Gruen Eco Design are really proud of their 9.4 star self sufficient home in Smith Gully, which was built on a restricted budget yet achieves all the sustainable and energy efficient features the clients were aiming for.

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  • Tim Adams – F2 Design

    F2 Design Principal, Tim Adams, is a building designer specialising in high performance houses which aim to combine environmental sensitivity with admirable architecture. Tim is regularly requested to make presentations to public forums on sustainable design. As BDAV president, Tim introduced the 10 Star Challenge; F2 Design was Joint Winner of the Challenge in 2012 and finalist in 2013 and 2014.  The House with No Bills, Tim’s own house, was the cover feature of Renew 120, an experience that has now flowed through to an influx of requests similar sustainable design responses and off-grid houses.

    It is also open on Sustainable House Day, Sunday 20 September 2020
    View on our SHD website.

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